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Using Apps To Track Home Care Services – Anglian Care

The use of technology has grown exponentially in recent years. Nowadays, there is an app for anything from ordering your food shopping to managing your bank balance. However, one area where you might not expect technology to be so prominent is in the field of personal and in-home care services. After all, many of the services that help people stay in their own homes do not rely on too much technology. They need conscientious and well-trained staff. That being said, digital technologies play a part in modern home care service provision, as Essex-based company, Anglian Care, is demonstrating.

To begin with, Anglian Care has been issuing its staff with software for a few years which enables instantaneous communications to occur. In the past, picking up clients files or customer records might have meant calling in at the head office. That could be impractical for many reasons.

Equally, there is a security issue when manual documents are handled with private data potentially getting lost. Nowadays, Anglian Care uses digital communication technology to enable carers to see all of the latest care plans and other records with a secure smart device. This way, managers can make changes to care plans and provide additional instructions in real-time so those being cared for get the service they truly deserve.

The company has an app that does not just act as a communication tool for carers and managers. With the app downloaded onto their own device, people in receipt of home care visits will receive updates on the arrival time of their carer, too. They will also be informed about which member of the team happens to have been assigned to them that day. For some, this makes a big difference, especially if they receive visits to their home every day. In the end, it is about making sure people feel comfortable in their own homes as they receive care services. Equally, of course, it also means that the individual responsible for conducting the care at each visit is accountable for the quality of service delivered.

Another recent innovation that Anglian Care has put in place involves the use of apps among appointed friends and family members. If someone receiving in-home care wishes to do so, then he or she can make their care status available to view by a trusted third-party. As the care is delivered in the home, so it can be tracked as it happens even if the other party is in another part of the world! 

Not only will the app show authorised people when a care visit has started and ended but it will also detail all of the individual tasks that might need to be conducted as a part of the care plan. Again, each one can be digitally ticked off as it happens, offering loved ones a great deal of peace of mind that the in-home care they are paying for is being delivered in full.