Independent Living 

Individual and compassionate home care to help people who want to enjoy independent living.

Much of what we do in the home at Anglian Care is geared around successfully supporting independent living. Whether you are getting older and need more help around the home, have additional needs while you are recovering or even suffer from a condition that means things aren’t as easy as they used to be, a fully personalised care plan can make all the difference with the way you lead your life.

Caring for everyone in the community is our motto and this is what is behind all of the independent living support we offer. In short, we want to make it as simple as we can for people to not just carry on living in their homes but to enjoy doing so in a place that they know and love. This is why the caring team at Anglian Care will tailor their services to support you in a manner that best suits your idea of what independent living can be given your circumstances.

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Our Support Services For Independent Home Care

Anglian Care has over a decade of experience with home care that supports independent living. The care staff at Anglian Care provide expertise, know-how and, above all, compassionate understanding when supporting people in their own homes so that they can continue to lead more independent and fulfilling lives. Given that everyone’s expectations are different and that personal circumstances can be very diverse, too, we train our team to a very high standard to meet every situation with just the same professionalism. This might come down to the way personal care is provided or it could be as simple as providing an opportunity to chat and talk things over. In the end, independent living means supporting people in their own homes, so it is as much about providing the right level of respect as it is punctuality and reliability.

Our hand-picked staff are able to adapt to individual requirements and situations as they change, too. Supporting independent living with professional home care will often mean working to an agreed plan but there should also be room for common sense changes depending on the care requirements of an individual at any given moment. In short, we’ll adapt the support we offer to fit in with your routine and independent lifestyle.

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Maintain Independence at Home with Anglian Care:

Family and Funder App

We have a FREE app that you can download to monitor the home care services we provide. With it, your family or another appointed person can the times our care team are with you as they occur. Even better, you'll be able to see which one of our carers will be coming to see you on any particular day.

A Trusted Team

The team of carers that work for us as Anglian Care are skilled with all aspects of independent living support work and home care. This means being able to work within the scope of individual circumstances for high-quality home care support that goes beyond the norm.


Getting the right independent living support is not always as easy as it should be, particularly if you have never required home care support before. At Anglian Care, we will guide you through the process, whether you are seeking independent living support for yourself, your spouse, your parent or anyone else.

Independent Living Training

Anglian Care provides extensive training to caregivers with independent living support. The management team is always available to help carers if they have specific questions. Our compassionate staff are encouraged to further their skills with courses and other numerous training opportunities.


Anglian Care has been providing home care for over 10 years, helping many people to enjoy leading a more independent life than would otherwise have been the case.


Making use of the latest technology helps us to stay one step ahead. Even though much of the care we offer in people's homes is not reliant on technology at all, using cloud-based communications systems and so on means our staff spend more time doing what they ought to be doing – supporting independent living – rather than form filling and other time-consuming administration tasks. Top 20 provider in the East of England

Here at Anglian Care we are honoured to have been awarded the award for being in the Top 20 Homecare providers in the East of England. Anglian Care has consistently maintained above 9.8 rating on throughout our 12 years in caring for our community. ensures all of their reviews are verified and trusted. Please find up to date reviews below.

“Outstanding” for Leadership and Management CQC

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The Anglian CarePromise

It is hard when deciding on a care company to look after our advocate or loved one and it is not one we take lightly.

Anglian Care was founded in 2008 as our Founder Des wanted to ensure that his grandmother was looked after by caring, professional and dedicated carers. After founding Anglian Care his mission was to give ‘peace of mind’.

With over 10 years of experience we have learnt what the word ‘care’ truly means. 

Our carers are special people, not everyone can become a carer. Ensuring our care values are at a heart of everything we do, our best practice is making you happy which makes us happy. 

We want to give you the knowledge that our loved one is safe, happy and well looked after, so you can ho back to popping in for a cup of tea and spending some quality time together, knowing the rest is taken care of. 

Independent Living
Thank You! Care Workers!

Appreciation for our Care Team

Anglian Care values our care team and the incredible care that is done each day! Through our Unsung Hero awards each month we nominate a member of our care team that has gone above and beyond. 

We also have our Carer of the Year Award. All of our team nominate a person they feel has provided quality, compassionate care throughout the year. 

Through our partnership with United in Kinds Castlepoint local representative Anna Wilson Anglian Care our care team have given ‘Send a Smile’ cards and a ‘Hug in a Shrug’ blanket. These initiatives have brought our care team closer to the community and those they care for. 

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