Respite Care

Compassionate overnight care services for people who need them.

At Anglian Care, our overnight service is there if you require assistance after bedtime or need overnight care that cannot always be maintained by your usual carer. We can arrange waking care in the home where it is needed. We’ll even provide a 365-day service if that is appropriate given your personal circumstances.

Overnight care can make a big difference and even mean that you can continue living in the home you know and love. Why not ask Anglian Care about the high-quality services we can put in place for you or your loved one?

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Our Respite Home Care Plans

At Anglian Care, we have been providing top-notch respite care for people with a diverse range of personal needs for well over ten years. Some people may require some assistance with getting up and dressed in the morning while others may require overnight or even palliative care. Whatever the requirements might be for your loved one, we will have the compassionate and professional care staff to meet them in full in the home. Need a little time off to recover and relax? Have a work commitment that means you’ll need to stay away from home? Perhaps you have care needs that mean you can’t fulfil your usual role as a carer for a time? Whatever the situation might be, Anglian Care is at hand to provide the necessary respite care you may need.

Bear in mind that our hand-picked carers are trained to provide respite care in our clients’ homes in a professional, friendly and compassionate manner. Our experience with supporting as independent a lifestyle as is feasible speaks for itself and this ethos certainly runs through all of our respite care service plans.

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Choosing Respite Care with Anglian Care means:

Family and Funder App

The FREE app we provide means you can keep tabs on the respite care work we are doing as and when it happens. You'll know who from our care team has been assigned to provide care and even receive live updates as individual tasks are completed.

Respite Care Training

Anglian Care provides in-house and external training opportunities to all of our frontline care staff. We know that keeping up to date with care standards and best practices is important, so this is something we take seriously as a caring organisation.

A Trusted Team

The trustworthy carers we employ at Anglian Care are highly skilled in the provision of respite care services in the home. Our name is now well-established as a leading light in respite care provision throughout Essex.


We have offered respite care for many years and have been providing in-home care services for more than a decade.


At Anglian Care, we aim to make the process of procuring respite care as simple as possible. We know it can be a worrying time – especially if you have never taken a break before – so we'll be at your side every step of the way.


Anglian Care invests in technology so that the focus of our respite care goes on the individual. Electronic reporting and communications mean that whatever the care needs of a person might be, our caregivers are in constant touch with our management team. Top 20 provider in the East of England

Here at Anglian Care we are honoured to have been awarded the award for being in the Top 20 Homecare providers in the East of England. Anglian Care has consistently maintained above 9.8 rating on throughout our 12 years in caring for our community. ensures all of their reviews are verified and trusted. Please find up to date reviews below.

“Outstanding” for Leadership and Management CQC

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The Anglian Care Promise

It is hard when deciding on a care company to look after our advocate or loved one and it is not one we take lightly.

Anglian Care was founded in 2008 as our Founder Des wanted to ensure that his grandmother was looked after by caring, professional and dedicated carers. After founding Anglian Care his mission was to give ‘peace of mind’.

With over 10 years of experience we have learnt what the word ‘care’ truly means. 

Our carers are special people, not everyone can become a carer. Ensuring our care values are at a heart of everything we do, our best practice is making you happy which makes us happy. 

We want to give you the knowledge that our loved one is safe, happy and well looked after, so you can ho back to popping in for a cup of tea and spending some quality time together, knowing the rest is taken care of. 

Thank You! Care Workers!

Appreciation for our Care Team

Anglian Care values our care team and the incredible care that is done each day! Through our Unsung Hero awards each month we nominate a member of our care team that has gone above and beyond. 

We also have our Carer of the Year Award. All of our team nominate a person they feel has provided quality, compassionate care throughout the year. 

Through our partnership with United in Kinds Castlepoint local representative Anna Wilson Anglian Care our care team have given ‘Send a Smile’ cards and a ‘Hug in a Shrug’ blanket. These initiatives have brought our care team closer to the community and those they care for. 

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