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Visiting Care

A small visit can make a big difference.

At Anglian Care we are very flexible. If you would like one of our carers to come round for a 30 minute visit once a week or a few times a day we understand that a little and often approach can make all the difference with your loved one.

A familiar face making you lunch or just sharing a cup of tea together, we value what we bring in companionship as well as care. We cover various areas of Essex including many places in Essex including Chelmsford, Canvey Island and Rayleigh.

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Our Visiting Care Service

Each one of our carers are not only chosen due to their attributes but also their personalities. Not everyone can become a carer, we understand that.

Caring, compassionate and understanding traits are what we look for when taking on someone to join our care team.

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Choosing Visiting Care with Anglian Care means:

Family and Funder App

Anglian Care offers a FREE app to all family, friends and advocates of those we care for. This allows you to send see the activities completed by our care team, the actual times our care team are with your loved on and you will know who in your team of carers will be visiting each day.

Commitment to Personal Development

Here at Anglian Care we believe in personal development within care. Through free enrolment in NVQ in Health and Social Care, the Care Certificate and additional training courses our care team are equipped to provide the best possible care.

A Trusted Team

Anglian Care will tailor our care team to the individual needs and desires of the person we care for. Person centred care is at the heart of Anglian Care’s care planning and delivery.


Anglian Care has been visiting those in Essex for over 10 years.


Dealing with care can be confusing. Anglian Care support you in liaising with our partners in care to ensure that you have all the support you need for your loved one.


Anglian Care provides state of the art technology to be responsive to the needs of those we care for. Our holistic approach powered by technology allows our management team to update care plans remotely via our cloud based software.

Homecare.co.uk Top 20 provider in the East of England

Here at Anglian Care we are honoured to have been awarded the www.homecare.co.uk award for being in the Top 20 Homecare providers in the East of England. Anglian Care has consistently maintained above 9.8 rating on Homecare.co.uk throughout our 12 years in caring for our community. Homecare.co.uk ensures all of their reviews are verified and trusted. Please find up to date reviews below.

“Outstanding” for Leadership and Management CQC

View Our CQC Report

The Anglian Care Promise

It is hard when deciding on a care company to look after our advocate or loved one and it is not one we take lightly.

Anglian Care was founded in 2008 as our Founder Des wanted to ensure that his grandmother was looked after by caring, professional and dedicated carers. After founding Anglian Care his mission was to give ‘peace of mind’.

With over 10 years of experience we have learnt what the word ‘care’ truly means. 

Our carers are special people, not everyone can become a carer. Ensuring our care values are at a heart of everything we do, our best practice is making you happy which makes us happy. 

We want to give you the knowledge that our loved one is safe, happy and well looked after, so you can ho back to popping in for a cup of tea and spending some quality time together, knowing the rest is taken care of. 

Thank You! Care Workers!

Appreciation for our Care Team

Anglian Care values our care team and the incredible care that is done each day! Through our Unsung Hero awards each month we nominate a member of our care team that has gone above and beyond. 

We also have our Carer of the Year Award. All of our team nominate a person they feel has provided quality, compassionate care throughout the year. 

Through our partnership with United in Kinds Castlepoint local representative Anna Wilson Anglian Care our care team have given ‘Send a Smile’ cards and a ‘Hug in a Shrug’ blanket. These initiatives have brought our care team closer to the community and those they care for. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Care Essex

What is visiting care?

Visiting care, sometimes referred to as domiciliary or home care, is a flexible care option that allows you to stay in your own comfortable surroundings while receiving professional support and assistance. During pre-arranged visits to your home, trained carers can offer help with a range of tasks such as personal hygiene, bathing, dressing, toileting, medication administration, meal preparation, and household chores.

Care visits can be tailored to your needs and preferences, ensuring you retain as much independence as possible. Moreover, visiting care isn’t just about practical assistance – it’s also about providing companionship and emotional support, which can significantly enhance your quality of life.

How often would a carer visit me at home in Essex?

The frequency and duration of carer visits in a visiting care arrangement in Essex is entirely customised according to your individual requirements.

This could range from a few hours per week, perhaps to help with shopping and cleaning, to several visits each day for personal care, meal preparation, or medication reminders. The schedule can be adapted over time as your needs change, making visiting care a flexible and responsive option that evolves with you.

Can visiting care support those with specific health conditions?

Visiting care can be tailored to support a wide range of health conditions. Carers are trained to help manage the symptoms and challenges associated with conditions such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, stroke recovery, arthritis, diabetes and heart disease. They can provide medication reminders, assist with exercises, monitor symptoms, provide specialist care such as stoma and continence care, and liaise with healthcare professionals on your behalf. The goal is to make living with a health condition more manageable, so you can focus on enjoying life.

Is visiting care a suitable option for the elderly living alone?

Absolutely. Visiting care is an excellent solution for older people living alone in Essex. It allows them to stay in their cherished home, surrounded by familiar comforts, while receiving the support they need. Apart from practical help, visiting carers also offer a social lifeline – they can become trusted friends who are there for a chat, a cup of tea, or to share in activities that you love. This combination of practical and emotional support can greatly enhance wellbeing and combat feelings of loneliness, making life more enjoyable and less stressful.

How does visiting care in Essex differ from live-in care?

While both visiting care and live-in care services are delivered in your home, there is a distinction in the level of support they offer. Visiting care is usually scheduled for specific times of the day and can be more flexible, often planned on an hourly basis.

Live-in care, on the other hand, involves a carer living in your home full-time, providing round-the-clock support and assistance. The choice between the two largely depends on your care needs – visiting care could be perfect if you need some help during the day, while live-in care might be a better fit if you require more comprehensive, 24-hour support.

Can visiting care provide support overnight?

Yes, many visiting care services can extend their support to include overnight care. This could be particularly beneficial for individuals who might need help with toileting, changing position in bed, taking medication, or who may be at risk of falls during the night. Overnight care ensures safety and support is on hand throughout the night, providing reassurance to you and peace of mind to your loved ones.