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At Anglian Care, we offer top-quality care to elderly people throughout much of Essex. What’s more, we do this in a reliable way in people’s own homes. If you have an elderly parent living in the area, then we can also offer them a dependable in-home care service to take some of the pressure off the rest of the family.

As leading operators in the care profession, we understand that dealing with changing care needs for an elderly parent isn’t always easy even if you, as the adult child of an ageing person, want to undertake much of the care work yourself. Under such circumstances, how can our in-home care provision help? Read on to find out.

Personal Home Care

Respite Care For Elderly Care Recipients

If you are the main carer for one or both of your ageing parents, then it can sometimes seem like a continuous amount of work to get through. This is when our respite care services can be so beneficial.

They allow you some time for a break to recharge your batteries, to look after another family member who needs it or to undergo some treatment yourself. We specialise in elderly and geriatric care, employing skilled care workers so you can trust us to take care of your parent(s) when you can’t be there for whatever reason.

In-Home Overnight Care Services

Providing 24-hour care services to your parent in their home is never easy. Indeed, it can even be unsustainable in the long-term especially when care needs at night time become more demanding. This is when our in-home overnight care can make such a difference.

We will take care of the overnight requirements so you can get some well-earned rest and be ready to take over the following morning. Our overnight care can be delivered 365 days a year or just when it is needed most, perhaps at the weekend when special arrangements need to be put in place.

Live-In and Palliative Care in Essex

For elderly relatives, including parents who are ageing, Anglian Care provides a comprehensive array of live-in care services. Often procured when someone in the family requires 24-hour care, we can tailor our service to meet the specific requirements of the individual concerned.

Like all of the other options we offer, our live-in care arrangements are designed to offer dignity so that an elderly parent can continue to reside in the home they know and love for as long as possible. The same goes for our palliative care which can be offered either as a daily visit or with a dedicated, live-in carer as required.

Private and Council Funded Elderly Care

As a trusted care provider in Essex, we work both privately for families as well as with clients who are in receipt of local authority funding. Either way, you can expect our care to be delivered to the highest standard. Your elderly parent can even nominate you as someone who is allowed to track their care as it is received remotely.

We have an app that provides just this service, offering you complete peace of mind that the care on offer is being delivered on time, in full and in accordance with the agreed care plan. Why not talk to us today to see how our elderly care services might be adapted to meet your parent’s needs?

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