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If you are currently in receipt of our high-quality care work in your own home, you will probably already have something of an inkling that Anglian Care’s frontline care workers are treated well. Unfortunately, this is something that cannot be said universally across the care sector although things are definitely improving for care workers. At Anglian Care, we have been providing in-home care services since 2008. In that time, we have always sought to offer our care staff all of the support they need. This is because it is our philosophy – in our very DNA, as it were – to provide high-quality and compassionate care to people in their own homes. How can we go about achieving this if we don’t look after our most important people of all, our carers?


We think that the answer is fairly obvious. Unless we are looking after our care workers, we are not equipping them with the tools they need to look after our clients. As such, it has always been something that we have focussed on and it is still central to the way we operate today. Of course, you might be reading this and considering whether or not to procure our care services. You might even be a care worker thinking about applying for a job with us. Either way, we know it is easy to claim we are a responsible employer that supports its workforce to do a great job without necessarily delivering. So, does Anglian Care walk the walk as well as talk the talk? Read on, because we think you will be impressed by how much effort we put into caring for our employees.

What Do We Offer Our Staff?

A High Hourly Rate

There is no getting around the issue of pay. In the past, the care sector is one that has traditionally suffered from low pay. This is something that we are pleased to say is changing as more and more people begin to value the crucial work that care workers do every single day. At Anglian Care, we are proud to have been ahead of where the care sector has been heading because we have always paid our carers a higher hourly rate than many care providers. Not only does this level of pay reflect the way we value what our care workers do but it helps to drive down on needless recruitment and retention costs. As such, we tend to keep our workforce for longer because they are happier and the cost savings we make can go back into what we all want, which is to pay care workers fairly for the excellent job they do.

Professional Development

Of course, we know that many care workers are not drawn into the industry because of money. At Anglian Care, we work with many people who have entered the care profession because they feel it to be their vocation. Many of the people we employ find care work incredibly rewarding. However, pay and being emotionally rewarded are not enough on their own because there have to be pathways to professional development, too. In other words, at Anglian Care, we support career progression, allowing and encouraging employees to further their skills, gain qualifications and to apply for managerial positions while gaining on-the-job experience. This makes such a difference to the way we operate and, consequently, the sort of service we can offer our clients.


Employee Benefits

There are numerous benefits our team members can take advantage of. For example, we offer free enrolment in NVQ courses in Health and Social Care as well as an annual Christmas bonus scheme that rewards some of the hard work that has gone in over the previous twelve months. There is a generous mileage allowance, too, an important thing to bear in mind when most of our carers need to be mobile and able to get from home to home under their own steam.

Empowering Technology

Finally, it should be mentioned what a forward-thinking company Anglian Care is. To that end, we have invested heavily in mobile technology. This now means we can communicate directly with our carers to provide extra information, update care plans and check on how they are getting on without forcing them back to the office all the time. This helps our teams to operate more efficiently while keeping the managerial contact and support that is necessary in place. It also means our carers can raise any issues they feel to be appropriate as and when they need to.