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Our Community Engagement Day in Chelmsford

The team at Anglian Care was excited to be a part of a community engagement day in the heart of Chelmsford in January. Our stand was designed to raise awareness among the public of exactly what sort of work we do day in, day out in the community. As an in-home care service provider with an office in Chelmsford we thought it would be a good idea to set up our own stall at Chelmsford market to explain more about the sort of services we offer as well as the employment opportunities there are with us.

Our market stall was staffed throughout the day on Saturday 22nd January when shoppers were out and about in the city centre. We wanted to focus on the care services we currently provide among residents in our community, so that locals could gain a better understanding of just how beneficial in-home geriatric care can be. Our elderly care services help with so many care needs and individual circumstances that it is only by explaining what we can do for older residents face-to-face with them and their families that it is sometimes possible to get our message across. We can also provide respite care for caregivers as well as support for independent living. 

Talking About Carers in the Community 

The day in Chelmsford also gave us the chance to talk about what a rewarding career path working in care can be. At Anglian Care, we have vacancies for new and experienced carers that offer our employees great rates of pay and further training to help them progress in their careers. We were really pleased to speak with so many people about the prospects we can offer and running a market stall on a chilly January day was great for us to meet people in the area. After all, the wider community isn’t just made up of potential care recipients but friends, family and would-be care workers, too. 

We enjoyed being able to chat to many people who might not have ever considered a job in the care sector before about the opportunities such a career change could offer them. That’s why it is so crucial that we put ourselves into the heart of the community on days like these  – so we can explain more about life in the modern care sector and why it can be so rewarding.

We were delighted to have some special guests turn up to our community engagement day, too. We were pleased to be able to welcome Chelmsford’s Mayor, councillor Jude Deakin, as well as the Mayoress, Helen Deakin, to our stall. Mayor Deakin later tweeted about being our guest. “On Saturday lunchtime, the Mayoress and I paid a visit to the Anglian Care stall in #Chelmsford High Street,” the Mayor posted. “We chatted with the owners and staff who were promoting work opportunities with #AnglianCare as well as informing people about their services.”

Another recent innovation that Anglian Care has put in place involves the use of apps among appointed friends and family members. If someone receiving in-home care wishes to do so, then he or she can make their care status available to view by a trusted third-party. As the care is delivered in the home, so it can be tracked as it happens even if the other party is in another part of the world! 

Not only will the app show authorised people when a care visit has started and ended but it will also detail all of the individual tasks that might need to be conducted as a part of the care plan. Again, each one can be digitally ticked off as it happens, offering loved ones a great deal of peace of mind that the in-home care they are paying for is being delivered in full.